Corporate database strategy
You want to create a website? You have alrady received quotes from some webagencies ? 2000euro? 3000euro? Lol.
In the reality to build a website cost almost nothing ... All webagencies use templates from platform like . But when you have your website, you need content, a lot of content. With out content your website is totaly worthless. but generally when the website is done there is noone to do the content for you, titles + descriptions of each products.
So you want a website ? We can do it for you for FREE, because it does not cost anything in reality. You just buy the template you want of It only cost around 50euro in general.
Now ok you can have a free website but it is totallyu meaning less if you do not have content on it. So what is our offer ? We can write a different unique content for each of your articles. This translated in all the language of your choice. For each segmentation of products and language we ask is 3000RMB (400euro) TO WRITE as many unique content than necessary for each of your articles. You can have 100 SPORT SHOES or even 1000 SPORT SHOES, we will write 1000 unique content describing your sport shoes for the same price 400euro. Isn't it a good offer ?

What are you looking for (car, industry, electricity ?) :